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  1. Real Love.
    Real Love.
    The Inspiration: Family and Relationships
  2. Real Life.
    Real Life.
    The Bottomline: Music and Rhythm of Life
  3. Real Simple.
    Real Simple.
    The How: The ABChris Lifestyle

Success is always a work in progress, continually growing and expanding, never a destination but a process, never really perfect.
Yet it keeps going and getting better. It is a wonderful becoming. 
That's why, in my life, it all means giving love, showing love and just being one with Love every single moment.

My intention for this site is to show how grateful I am to the world and all the people whom I've worked with. This also to show I proud I am that I keep my life in balance, not for being alone, but for being a part of my inner community and being guided with the greater force of the universe.

I wish to inspire and lead the next generation of my family and build a new empire of beings living in love, inspiration, resilience and balance. This also shows that all successes, great or small, naturally comes and pours. And that all the desires of one's heart surely comes true with love, alignment and work. 

All this means is I am always inspired with love and will always be in love about my life. And that's how real simple all this means. Be blessed!