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music, healthy food and fitness
Central, Hongkong
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  1. Food
    Catering available for healthy food
  2. Music
    Offers private lessons and performance for functions and special parties or events.
  3. Fitness
    personal workout programs

Abstract Music 

Learn the language of your soul!
Learning how to play an instrument opens tons of doors:
A quality and productive way to “unplug” and relax.
You’ll enter in to a community of musicians who are looking to jam, sing, write, and take over the world– it’s like learning a new language and culture.
Listening to music will become more enjoyable because you’ll start to pull apart the composition– you’ll begin to understand what is going on. (Eventually you’ll start to make your own).
And as a bonus… once you learn your first Song the next ones get easier.
 awesome life

it's where this journey is all about...

This website is not to show you what i have accomplished in life but it is where i can share my thoughts on how i became happy with doing the things that i love through food, music and fitness.
Let's Play Together
Bring your music to life!
  1. Private Lessons
    Jam with me and learn my techniques in music!
  2. Personal Chef and Trainor
    Let me know your troubles in losing weight, perhaps i can show you the way to what you want to achieve physically.
  3. Mentoring/ Coaching
    Aspects of Music, food and fitness entrepreneurship i can be of your service. Guidelines on how to start up your on business in these aspects.