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Real Love. Real Life. Real Simple.  
Central, Hongkong​​​​​​​
real love.
This is all there is. Always was and ever will be.
Love has brought me to where I am right now, a place of awareness, balance and connection inside out. 

I started with nothing at all. On my own, I stood with all the strength I have and the trust that I can really make it. Starting from a humble family, I was biologically trained to become strong, being the eldest in the family. 

At an early age, my father died, and my whole world become much different. 

Now, I enjoy the simple fruits of my labor. The results of real love I put forth long time ago, bear fruits of great relationships in my own family, my personal love and my business relationships. 

Worked out as a Musician, Fitness enthusiast and a self-made Chef, I'm proud to build my own, co-founded with my love of my life -Hero, we created KALE ( 

And that is all I ever have - Real love.