ABChris Lifestyle
Real Love. Real Life. Real Simple.  
Central, Hongkong​​​​​​​
WHat we offer

Packages of Real Love and Service 

We believe we can serve your individually multi-faceted needs of clean, simple, nutrient-densed eating.

We are centered on exploring the possibilities of connecting the delicate culture of vegetarians to the hyperactive protein hunters, plus, the complexity of the other worlds in between. 
Our shop provides a safe haven of all these differences and enable them to have a common place where the customers can freely enjoy and choose the food and drinks that they like.

 We promote Flexitarian and clean-eating lifestyle, serving complete range of lean, mean and green appetite from breakfast to dinner. 

We satisfy the multidimensional needs and cravings of our avid customers. 
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    Real Food Daily
    Visit our shop at 26 Li Yuen Street West, Central HK to experience the real touch of ABChris Lifestyle. Experience hands-on and free personalised coaching on food and real-life living.
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    Meal Plan Packages
    Only for Central and Sheungwan location, suitable for people who doesn't have time to eat. We offer Healthy meal delivery schedules on timings you would prefer.
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    Catering Packages
    Suitable for healthy party, offering Organic salads, healthy sliders check out my instagram kale_hk